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Green Bicycle Farm

CSA membership agreement

Welcome to our CSA program! We are happy to have you on board for the season. The goal of the CSA membership agreement is to help clarify the key points of what it means to become a Green Bicycle Farm member. When you sign up with our farm you trust that we will supply you with high quality fresh food and flowers. Your comittment to our farm means a lot to us. We will honour it by working as hard as we can to provide you with excellent produce for 20 weeks, June through mid-October. We want to say thank you for choosing a small farm to feed your family. You are contributing to the change that needs to happen in our food system and we are glad that you are part of this journey with us.

Growing practices

The growing methods we use on our small farm are very different than the methods currently used in conventional big scale agriculture. We are a part of a new generation of young farmers who wish to provide their community with nourishing food without harming the planet. This is why building a healthy living soil is our main focus on the farm. It is where the life of all the plants we grow start and develop.  We know that a healthy soil will mean happy plants, higher yields, and most of all, nutrient dense food for our members. We use A LOT of compost to replenish and feed our soil and pelleted chicken manure to feed our plants. We focus on creating biodiversity on and around the farm which is an efficient and natural way of dealing with pests, weeds and diseases. In certain cases, as a last resort, we may use certified organic pest control if we find that one of our crop is seriously endangered by an out of control population. We do follow organic practices and principles however we are not currently certified.


Growing food means dealing with the natural world. When you sign up:

  • You are ready to share the risks; farming involves a lot of unpredictability and  despite all of our efforts we might occasionally loose a crop.

  • You understand that an item you were expecting in your box might not be available on a specific week or even for the season.

  • Most of the time your food is harvested on the day you pick it up. You understand that we do wash our produce but that you might occasionally find a bug or a bit of dirt on a vegetable.

  • You understand that our selection depends on the time of the season and you are open to trying new veggies. (When you sign up for the newsletter you will receive recipes too)

-If a crop does fail we will replace it with any other items we have ready for harvest at that time to make up for the price of the lost item.

-If a crop fails and we have nothing to replace it with because of some kind of extreme climate conditions, we will do our best to make it up to you the following weeks.

Pick up


1- At the farm 5329 3rd Line, Rockwood, N0B2K0 on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm.

This is a market-style pick up wich means all items will be laid on a table with a blackboard indicating which items and in what quantity you are getting for that week’s share. You must bring your own bags or tote every week if you choose this pick up option. The advantage to this market style pick up is that you will be able to swap items you don’t want by using the swap box. There is more flexibility for customizing your share when you choose this option.

2-In Guelph at the Sip Club (91 Wyndham St N), from 4pm to 7pm Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm

Your share will already be packed and stored into a tote with your name on it.

You bring your full tote home and return it empty the next week when you pick up again. If you forget your tote at home one week, you are responsible for returning your empty tote to the farm in order to have your next pick up. A deposit of 10.50$ is added to the price of your CSA subscription to cover lost totes. It will be returned to you once you bring your last empty tote at the end of the season.

Note. We do not carry extra totes therefore if you don’t return your tote we won’t be able to pack a tote for you the next week…...too many totes in that sentence ;)

Missed pick up

We understand that life happens and that you might unexpectedly not be able to pick up your share one week during the season. Please let us know as soon as you can.  We suggest you arrange for a friend or a family member to come and pick up your share for you. If that is not an option, we can arrange for a pick up later in the week at the farm.

If you do not pick up your share and don’t advise us, it will be donated to the food bank. There is no refund possible for missed pick up.


You can let us know (well in advance please) if you will be missing a pick up because you will be on vacation. We still suggest that you ask a friend or a family member to pick up your share. However if that isn’t an option and that you have informed us at least 2 weeks in advance we can give you a credit for the value of the missed share and you will be able to use that credit any time during the remaining of the season. You can choose to spend it by having two shares on a week instead of one or you can use it to buy any other products from the farm (honey or flowers). We can only allow this to happen twice for each shareholder during the season for our planning and logistic’s sake.

Payment details and deadlines

 Price list

  • Regular Share: 575$

  • Family add-on: 200$

  • Flower add-on (weekly for 16 wks): 240$

  • Flower add-on (bi-weekly, 8 wks total): 120$

  • Flower punch card 10 bouquets: 120$

  • Flower punch card 5 bouquets: 60$

  • Honey punch card 5 kilos: 80$

Payment plans: It is helpful for us to get the payment in full when members register. That is why if you do we give you your first week of veggies for free and you pay 550$ instead of 575$ (each box is worth between 25$-34$)

However, we are aware that paying a full season of vegetables in advance is not easy for everyone. We offer payment plans options to make more it more accessible. We ask for a 100$ deposit and the balance can be paid with monthly payments (post dated checks are preferred but e transfer on the 1st of each month works too). Shares must be paid in full by September 1st. Please contact us if you would like to make a different arrangement.

Early bird registration: When you sign up for a regular share before February 1st 2019 you get a 1 kilo jar of honey from the farm (18$ value).

Cancellation/Refund policy

When you sign up for a share we expect you to stay on board with us for the season. When you buy a share, we have planned in advance to grow vegetables for you. Seeds are bought, crop plans are made, everything is very carefully planned. We are not able to offer a refund. We expect that you are ready to commit and that you have done the necessary research to determine if signing up for a CSA program is the right move for you. However, we know that life happens and we understand if unforseeable events force you to put an end to your commitment to our farm. Please give us a call if that happens to you.

How to communicate with us

  • Contact us via phone or email. For all CSA inquiries, comments or concerns please reach Annie at 226-203-3214 or via email at info@greenbicyclefarm.com

  • We will communicate with you via email. When you sign up, we will add your email to our mailing list. This is how we will keep you updated about the farm and the CSA program and it is also how we will communicate any changes (location, time of pick up etc)that might occur.

By purchasing a share form Green Bicycle Farm, you agree to all the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.