csa shares

The acronym “CSA” stands for Community Shared Agriculture. It is a system in which the community buys shares from a farm before the growing season starts therefore allowing the farmers the upfront expenses that are needed at the beginning of the season (seeds, tools, compost, equipment). When you buy a share you buy into the adventure of farming with us! We will share together the benefits and risks of growing food. In return, you will receive a season's worth of fresh, local and high quality and will contribute to building a strong community. By supporting us you become part of a movement who strives to create an equitable and healthy food system. We genuinely care about our members and we will honour your commitment to our farm with our dedicated work to produce the best food for you.


Regular share

The regular share contains 8-10 items each week. This is a good option for a couple or a small family. You will receive your veggies from mid-June to October for a total of 20 weeks.

Regular share: 575$


family share add on

The family add on is designed for larger families who think a regular share will not meet their needs. 3 or 4 items are added to the regular share each week and it consists mostly of the staple items such as carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Also 20 weeks, from June to October.

Family share add on: 200$


flower add-on

Bring life to your house this season by signing up for the flower add on. You will get a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers along with your veggie box. You have the option to sign up to receive a new bouquet every week or every other week.

Weekly flower add-on (16 weeks): 240$

Bi-weekly flower add-on (8 weeks):120$


What will be in my share?

Your share will be filled with vegetables that are in season so its content will keep changing. We grow many different vegetables and varieties to supply you with different items each week (we will not drown you in a mountain of kale we promise!) We grow all of what most people are used to but keep in mind that you might have to broaden your culinary world and give your taste buds a ride once in a while since your share will also contain some less common but still extra tasty items. If that sounds scary to you, fear not! When you sign up you have the option to receive our weekly newsletter where you will find out what will be in your share along with some recipe ideas.

Pick up locations

We offer two different pick up times and locations;

1- You can come pick up directly at the farm on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm.

2-thursdays downtown Guelph from 4pm to 7pm (location to be determined) Your share will have been already prepared and packed into a rubbermaid tote.

How it works

Once you have made the decision to commit to a season with us fill up the CSA registration and agreement form. You will receive fresh vegetables for 20 weeks, from mid-June to October.

We offer a regular size share, a family add on share and a flower and honey add on. You can also buy the flower and honey options on their own if you wish, without purchasing a veggie share.

MEAT SHARES-partnership with Green Pastures Farm

You can now sign up for a vegetable share AND a meat share all at once and pick both shares at your chosen location.

Are you ready for a season full of great food?